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  Josef Raffin Drehorgel Musikrollen                                     Friedlinde Rafael Engeser 1

Josef Raffin


Friedlinde & Rafael Engeser

Josef Raffin has been the developer, creative director and driving
force behind Raffin for over 50 years. He died in 2020.
  Friedline Engeser, Josef Raffin’s daughter,
has joined the company in 2003 as its music
arranger, and since 2005 has supported her
husband Rafael in managing the business.

Since 1997, Rafael Engeser has been the
company’s general manager and point of
contact for all customer questions and

  Orgelbaumeister Gerhard Biller     Rosi Tomann

Gerhard Biller


Rosi Tomann

Master organ builder   She has been worked in the production department for over 20 years
and is responsible for the punching of musical tape.
Raffin Team Gudrun Kaupp   Drehorgel Bemalung Gudrun Servey-Böttcher 

Gudrun Kaupp


Gudrun Servay-Böttcher

The daughter of Josef Raffin and wife of Wolfgang Kaupp joined the company over 30 years ago.
She is primarily involved with the production of punched tape music.

Gudrun Servay-Böttcher and Rita Härle are responsible
for painting our organ cases so lovingly by hand. They are happy to
oblige every customer’s artistic demand and can turn any barrel organ into a stunning, unique work of art.